Why do we love Workshops Incorporated MORE than TLC?

Well, frankly, we are sick of the Sanjeev Kapoors and Nigella Lawsons of the world. Tantalise and tease is the only thing they really do. We know that we’d never be able to whip up a meal like that, and affording it would involve getting an Eco-Stats degree. Or even an Eco degree. Or any degree (which some writers of this blog might not be getting).

Which is why we have extra LAve for W.Inc (remember to hug them in the corridor), who’re conducting *awkward drum roll on bench*



(Yeah, we got chills too)

Not only is it a Food Tasting workshop, it also has a name that alliterates!

We don’t think the actual workshop can actually get better. But we’ll have to reserve our judgement, until Malhar.

We bugged OC Naomi until she gave us a proper list of these food workshops, and frankly, we’re just being plain NICE by informing you.


1. Cheese Tasting by Nikhil Agarwal from All Things Nice:

Gorgonzola, Parmigiano Reggiano and other unpronounceable varieties of cheese are available at your disposal. Enter the cheesy world with your guide and cheese connoisseur, Nikhil Agarwal, the soft-spoken, food-loving man behind All Things Nice – a ‘platform that provides sophisticated experiences in luxury drink and gastronomy.’


(Normally we don’t really do things have ‘sophisticated’ in their description. But for cheese, we make an exception.)


2. Chocolate Tasting by Katty and Kainaz Wadia:

Um, why am I doing PR for this? Seriously, please don’t come for this workshop if you don’t want to. I would very much enjoy being the only person in that room.

Comfort food on the days of Malhar? Bliss.

This is not the Conductor who will be coming for the Workshop.
This is our friend Cynthia, who had money for cake.

3. Tea Tasting by Radhika Batra Shah (Radhika’s Fine Teas):

For a about a month now, this writer has been making and drinking chai with expired milk, without realising it.

I have been assured by OG Bianca that this will not happen at this workshop. Apparently, what will happen is tasting of finestestest tea from all of the world. Seems like a good deal.


radhika 2

4. Coffee Brewing by Kunal Ross, (He founded The Indian Bean, guise!):

Does this mean that I will FINALLY understand what those charts at CCD/The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf/ Gloria’s Jeans/ Nescafe guy in canteen mean!!?


kunal 2

Bro, this is nothing short of enlightenment.

Then they teach you to brew your coffee correctly, and pick beans that suit your taste.

Hey, that’s what she said. (Ahem, Naomi did.)

True story.


Also at W.Inc, this year is –

Bottoms Up! (Mocktail Making Workshop):

Pretty much the easiest way to impress peeps at a party. Or Foyer. Or anywhere really. Ruturaj Bhonsle will make a mixologist out of you.

(I googled that. It’s a legit word.)


So what are you waiting for? Better start working out right now. Because once you walk out of these workshops, your Malhar-hot-shorts might not be the easiest things to fit into.

It will be a free-for-all on those days. Madness, we say.

Best of luck brothers.

We will see you on the other side.