Never given a GD before? Afraid your resting rhymes-with-pitch face might give off the wrong impression? Great at writing, but all tongues when it comes to talking? Shy? Fear not, these stellar tips shall transform you into an awesome, confident applicant. Temporarily.



College has 52863 arches and roughly double the amount of classrooms so make sure you know exactly where your GD is taking place. Once you know the venue, it’s easier to prepare for the inevitable and find solutions beforehand, such as the closest washroom to relieve your anxiety, or the perfect pillar to lean on in order to relive that one embarrassing thing you said to your future OG a year ago.



Most GDs are scheduled in the afternoon after lectures end, but still, do not take those minute minutes for granted. If you’re supposed to be there at 3:31pm, be there at 3:31pm, unless you’re one of those people who show up thirty minutes early for everything, in which case, please make some friends other than Father Time. Alternatively, if you’re a foyer butterfly and easily lose track of time, make sure you note down the time someplace you check frequently, like your Daily Insecurities, and put a reminder.



Know your (future) department. There is certainly no need to conduct investigations into past budgets (finance doesn’t count and tell, anyway) and there is definitely no need to believe stereotypes that hang ripely on the grapevine. Instead, try asking a friend with past experience, preferably one you would trust with your Malhar paav.


No, not who’s taking your GD. Who you are. Who are you? Are you the kind of person that makes inappropriate jokes? Or the kind that struggles to adhere to deadlines? Or the kind that pronounces GIF as JIF? Or the kind that puts on their pants one leg at a time? However you identify yourself, be sure to leave the GD having imparted at least a smidgen of the essence of what makes you you. At the risk of offending 99% of our galaxy’s population, why be yonce when you can be you?


You will NOT get one of these if you pass your GD. However, depending on how much your OG loves you, they might let you touch it.


As much as it may seem so, a GD is not something that will define you for the rest of your life, unlike your CGPA. You don’t have to put up with anything you’re uncomfortable with, and it goes without saying that any kind of ragging is downright unacceptable.

That aside, make an effort to speak up, engage with others (it is a group discussion, after all), and slip in the occasional innuendo.

Happy GDing to y’all!