F. RAGA. I. E. N. D. S.

The summer heat bears down upon us all, somewhere, in college, in the Comps room, Raga is hard at work – compiling, editing and laying out the Rules and Regulations, arguing about the newsletter page ideas, while simultaneously trying to squeeze in the summer-holidays’ quota of inactivity and sleep.

The Malhar Blog is back, ready to fill your minds with tales of the Malhar workforce, tips and tricks to ace interviews, to show you your true calling within the plethora of departments and some nonsense, among all other things. With a lot of ridiculousness, a bit of class and extreme amounts of pizzazz, we present, the Malhar Blog, 2015.

We figure that you should know the department which runs your favourite (one can only hope) blog – Raga; because after all, charity and publicity, apparently, begin at home.

A team of six members, not unlike our six friends from F.R.I.E.N.D.S, form the Raga team this year. The one writing this post, yours truly, seeks to tell you about them in a very cool and original way – the F.R.I.E.N.D.S way. [Clearly, the summer heat has gotten to her.]

  • Adityesh Mitra, OC Raga
             Hum Bhi Toh Hain Superstar.

The boss, who bears an uncanny resemblance to Dhanush, the superstar, as OG Raina proclaims, Adityesh is similar to Rachel Green. While both of them have magnificent hair, they both have small catastrophes when it comes to using apostrophes.

From his love for anime to his need for suspense, the boss handles partial homelessness (as a Hostelite) and sleep deprivation while handling all things Raga this year.

  • Ipshita Rhea Peters, OG Layouts and Editing
Chalo, let’s do two more layouts! *over-enthu cheering*

The youngest OG, who won’t be eighteen until Malhar comes to an end, is also the most dangerous. A slightly disturbing love for horror and a penchant for unique pets – among them, a squirrel and a crow, Ipshita, along with Raina, is the one who is in charge of making the Ragas look all pretty and colourful. Like Monica Geller-Bing, Ipshita has OCD when it comes to cleaning her surroundings. But we’re not really buying her Monica likeness until she learns to cook like her.

After all, free food triumphs everything.

  • Raina Bhagat, OG Layouts and Editing
Make another typo, I dare ya,  I double dare ya.

The Ross of the team, OG Raina enjoys being a grammar Nazi (even to her fellow OGs), being right, from gently amending various French conjugations to predicting the whodunnit in her latest Agatha Christie. But all the same, it grows on you, just like Ross’s stupid debatable haircuts in seasons five and six. Ironically, Raina (who incidentally is a diehard Dhanush fan) can be relied upon to recite the release dates of choice Hindi films in spite of her many years spent, pardes mein.

Do we smell a Swades-esque tale here?

  • Shreya Paul, OG Editing and Volunteer Management
    Come, make fraandship with Raga.

Our OG Editing and Volunteer Management Shreya, is most like Joey with her aversion to bills, and she seems to be forever broke. An interesting amalgamation, she is the oldest in our team, and also the quietest, not to mention the shortest too. A lover of cats and all things cat-like, she is a foodie at heart [we sense the Joey twin] and is quite fond of smiling [her words, not ours] and seems to be the apt choice for volunteer management.

After all, smiling OGs make for happy volunteers, don’t they? (*Cue the Shreya smile*)

  • Namrata Nerurkar, OG Editing and Volunteer Management
Yeh Dhai Kilo Ka Haath Hai,         Photo Le Le.

OG Namrata is a funny cookie, all right, one who hates pictures in this selfie-instagram generation; we think she’s a dying breed. All the way over from Goregaon [the townies go ‘where?’] Namrata is the Phoebe of the team, with her eccentric little quotes and shenanigans, her unusual love for Economics and hopefully Raga things.

  • Nia Carnelio, OG Blog
                     Ye lo Malhar Blog!

The Blog OG from Dahisar [the townies have fainted], she’s the self-proclaimed Chandler of the group, with an affinity for sarcasm and foot in mouth situations, she is awkward during social situations and has a horrible history with layouts, [ask Raina and Ipshita for juicy titbits].

This year’s blog strives to be as amazing as Barney Stinson’s Blog, as funny as Modern Family, a little less chaotic than Game of Thrones [though we make no promises], and heaped with loads of witticisms and anecdotes of the fest we all love so much!