The Conclave Speaker Line-up has been revealed, the Card-O-Lates have been written (and are currently under the care of Hospi volunteers, who we hope aren’t eating all the chocolates), the AM Night auditions have been conducted and the stage is, quite literally, being set for Malhar ’15.

With so much work going on behind the scenes, the advent of the CIA 2 is dreaded by every workforce member.


Juggling both worlds on a day to day basis can get to be exhausting. Here is some helpful advice (and some not so helpful) to help you salvage your GPA from the deep, dark hole that was CIA I:

1) Less Is More:

The old adage is still very true. Hold off on all the glitter, and spare the fancy files. Focus on the content of your assignments first. When you have limited time to spare on making a presentation, spend more time on what you speak rather than wasting time deciding whether the picture comes in cartwheeling or simply descends downwards.Desperate times call for prioritising measures.

2) Try Asking First

If you have a genuine reason, the OGs will not prevent you from going home. Before you get tangled in a web of lies, ask them if you can leave an hour or so earlier. You never know; they might just say yes. They know how it goes. The CIAs have been around for longer than we have.The fact of the matter is that a compromise can be struck between two commitments and since Xavier’s is packed to capacity with all-rounders who’re part of every society, club, department and team you can think of, some kind of understanding must be reached.

Kategi Kya?
Kategi Kya?

“OG Varada, how do you deal with CIAs on top of Malhar work? Give us some tips.”

OG Varada: Do I look like I’m dealing?


3) Don’t bite off more than you can chew:

Don’t take on more commitments if you’re already unable to handle the ones you have. College is all about making choices. You can’t do it all and have it all. It will only end in chaos. So choose what matters to you the most.

Unfortunately, the CIAs are not something you can choose NOT to do. *sighs*

4) Make the best of what you’ve got

Use the time you travel on the train and the bus to practise your speech, or to brainstorm with a friend. If you have to wait back in college for a long time until your meetings/work begins, make sure you don’t waste that time. We have a great Knowledge Centre (read: cyber café) located in the hostel building. There’s also free Wi-Fi (*squeals*) in the reference library for all students, and all you have to do to avail of it is to register yourself (and your laptop) with the Knowledge Centre. It’s a win-win all the way through. What are you waiting for?


5) When everything else fails…

When Red Bull and coffee are no longer sufficient, and when the eyelids insist on pulling down the shutters, take a nap. It is really amazing what forty winks can do for your creativity, and your sanity. Make sure you don’t oversleep!

*power through with power naps*

There is work to be done still. And mountains, (or the stairs to the 40s) to be climbed. Remember that there’s a thin line between procrastination and productivity.

You know you want to. So go sleep…err, start CIA 2 prep!
You know you want to. So go sleep…err, start CIA 2 prep!

Go on now! There’s not a moment to waste. Get to work!