With a little over a day to go for Malhar to finally arrive, The Malhar Blog brings you the final installment in The Guide To Surviving Malhar.

Attending Malhar for the first time? Afraid of being carried away in a throng of festive college students? Afraid you won’t be able to attend the event you came for? Are you afraid of getting squashed, squished or worse?

Take a chill pill and say,

You don’t have to be afraid anymore. We’ve put all our inside knowledge to good use as we present to you The Guide to Surviving the Crowd on the three days of Malhar. Here’s what you need to do to remain in one piece:

1) All the right Moves Volunteers in all the right places

When the college is packed to the nines, there will always be a sea of volunteers around you. You can easily identify which department they’re in from their t-shirts. If you can’t find the location of your event, you can ask pretty much any volunteer and they will help you out. If they don’t know where it’s happening, you have two options: Hunt for a Raga, which has the schedule and keep it (the Raga) or make your way to the Assistance Help Desk. Keep your eye out for signboards (that are hopefully pointing the right way). If you don’t know where your event is, ask the right people. You can’t ask a Marketing volunteer where a Debate competition is. It’s always better if you ask people who are currently free (or relatively free). They will be more inclined to help you.

Pro tip: The people with Walkie-Talkies (OGs and OCs) do have more authority but they are usually busier so it is always better to ask a volunteer.

Or you could always break into song… No one can say No to the Beatles.

Maybe Security can though.

2) Pick up a Raga!

The Raga is the official publication of Malhar, available free of cost on all three days. It is usually given out all over the college from the Entry gates to the Woods. The Raga has a map of the college printed on it so you don’t get lost. A schedule for the day is also handed along with it. The Raga is a blessing in disguise. If you like fiction, if you want to know inside jokes, or if you just want to know about events, the Raga is the place to go. If you’re not too sure which event you want to attend, watch out for signboards near you where we recommend certain events and workshops.

We’re sure you’ll feel the same way when the day ends.


3) Be on before time

The Malhar website shows the schedule for events on the three days of Malhar. Look into what you’d like to see. Check the timing. Come at least fifteen-twenty minutes beforehand. You may be delayed by queues. Being fashionably late wouldn’t prove very useful here.

Pro tip: Pick some of the underrated events to watch first so you might just be able to slip in to the crowded ones. Also, if you can’t get into the crowded ones, something is better than nothing, right?

4) Don’t Dawdle

Walk with purpose. You may not know where you’re going but at least the people around you will think you do. You have more chances of being evacuated if you wander around aimlessly. Take Malhar by stride! Dazzle them with your swag!

Or MnT will dazzle you.



5) Keep calm

Most importantly, don’t panic. This is not Sparta. You don’t need much to survive this. Nope. No swords or shields necessary (or allowed, if you were thinking about it). You just need to keep your wits about you. And perhaps a lucky charm or two.