1) The Obligatory OG Cardolate
You never let me leave meetings early and picked on me a lot but I want to be OG next year so I’m going to write nice things about your leadership skills.


2) The Prank Cardolate
I’m going to write embarrassing things about you on the cover of your Cardolate so Hospi and everyone else has a laugh at your expense.


3) The Anonymous Cardolate
You’re my Malhar crush but I don’t have the guts to tell you so I will awkwardly send you a Cardolate and confuse you.


4) The Best-Friend Cardolate
I still hate you for picking another department but we fam, so take a Cardolate.


5) The I-don’t-really-know-or-like-you-but-I had-a-spare-Cardolate
So here you go.
*insert polite fake compliments and niceties*


6) Because you sent me a Cardolate last year
So I have to return the favour. What a waste of ten bucks.


7) The Girlfriend/Boyfriend Cardolate
I’m sorry I made fun of your department, you’re still bae.


8) The Guilt Trip Cardolate
You won’t send me one, but I’ll give you one just so I can make you feel bad for not sending one and then I can extract bhav.


9) The Frenemy Cardolate
We don’t like each-other but I’ll just send you this because I’m The Bigger Person here, obviously.


10) The Secret Baby Cardolate
I’m sorry, I’m really bad at this game. I only sent you a half a dairy milk and this Cardolate. I tried.


The last day to buy Cardolates is tomorrow, so be sure to hurry!