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Who is Your Quartet Crush?

Ten Types of Cardolates We All Send

1) The Obligatory OG Cardolate You never let me leave meetings early and picked on me a lot but I want to be OG next year so I’m going to write nice things about your leadership skills. 2) The Prank… Continue Reading →

Events Department Profiles

Tired of reading interviews in the same old question-answer format?  Watch us interrogate all the events departments and laugh at the chaos that ensues!

Conclave Line Up

Conclave 2016 presents to you – the fantastic speaker line-up for Malhar: A Junction. 14th August, 2016. Be there. Naseeruddin Shah Naseeruddin Shah is an Indian film and stage actor primarily known for his work in Indian Parallel Cinema. His… Continue Reading →

Honest Volunteer Applications

World Performing Arts Email: I made this one yesterday ‘cause old one is embarrassing Time Constraints: I’ll ask Mumma and get back to you Past Experience: 1. First prize in building dance competition (American dance) 2. Always initiate Antakshari on… Continue Reading →

Social Cause ‘Yard’ Rakho

Malhar 2016 is a Junk-tion of ideas, people and thoughts. This year’s social cause is the Malhar Yardsale, in collaboration with the NGO Pehchan. This is a rare opportunity, because regardless of your income status or haemoglobin levels, you know… Continue Reading →

What Does Your Attendance Say About You?

Find out immediately by taking this short quiz!

Which Department Should You Volunteer For?

Take the quiz and find out! Cautionary Note: While delightful, this quiz is not the only thing you must consider. Make sure to apply to whichever department you think you fit into best, regardless of the results!

Cue Malhar

It’s Malhar Season again, and we present the Malhar Blog 2016, brought to you by Literary Arts! Malhar: The most commonly used excuse for a rapidly plummeting GPA. Warning: Using Malhar as an excuse for your GPA or attendance this… Continue Reading →

Ways To Beat Those Malhar Blues

We all know the reason for this post – Malhar has ended and has given us a wonderful treasure trove of memories. Months of hard work have culminated in the best three days possible. But it was finally time to… Continue Reading →

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