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Who is Your Quartet Crush?

Kya Tumhare Hoton Mein Aisi Baat, Hai?

Often, Raga as a department is believed to possess musical talents. Unfortunately for us, that is not true. So when we heard about Entertainment, Theatricals and Contests (ETC, get with the Malhar lingo, already) had an event called LIPS DON’T… Continue Reading →

The Guide to Surviving Malhar- Part One: Elims Day

Elims Day (Eliminations, for the uninitiated) is to certain Events departments what Malhar Eve is to the Management departments. The college is crowded with participants and contingents of all kinds on this Sunday, and the entire college has the appearance… Continue Reading →


Are you one of those who cannot keep your sarcastic comments to yourself? Have you ever heard yourself blurt out something you shouldn’t have? Well, The Malhar Blog is giving you an outlet for all that creativity and sass inside… Continue Reading →


With less than two weeks for Malhar to make its appearance, don’t be alarmed if you find several hundred volunteers, OGs and OCs scarpering about in the 30s and the 40s making judge calls, sponsor deals and running to and… Continue Reading →

Sale! Sale! Sale! – The Yard Sale, Malhar 2015

We are invited by Workshops Incorporated or W Inc. as they fondly called by the workforce, to do a little piece on The Yard Sale. Since we are procrastinating severely on other responsibilities, CIA prep included, we decide to give… Continue Reading →

Procrastination Ahoy!

With CIAs around the corner, you’d expect us chill it with the blog, and attempt to salvage our GPA from the depths of failure, where it is presently sitting, quite content. LOL, no. However, we are a little lazy, and… Continue Reading →

Haaaaave You Met *insert department name*?

With twenty-one departments, it’s no surprise that Raga doesn’t know the full-form of Hospi; Conclave is confused about Graffix’s purpose; and pretty much nobody knows what LA does. The Malhar blog has set out on a perilous journey to find… Continue Reading →

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