Malhar 2016 is a Junk-tion of ideas, people and thoughts. This year’s social cause is the Malhar Yardsale, in collaboration with the NGO Pehchan.

This is a rare opportunity, because regardless of your income status or haemoglobin levels, you know you can dig up that stuff your mum’s been telling you to get rid of for years. *cough* Twilight books *cough*

Things you can donate:
– Books
– Jewellery and show-pieces
– Art works and paintings
– Crockery
– Wall-hangings
ETC  etc.

Unfortunately, you can not donate:
– Clothes, shoes and religious items
– CIA 2 assignments
– Ex-girlfriends/boyfriends
–  Your hopes for a job after pursuing a BA

Deposit your donation in the Galleries at any time between 2:30-6 pm.
If it’s inconvenient to carry, volunteers will be sent to your areas of residence to collect it.

Go buy the aforementioned cool stuff at amazing prices. Dates and venue coming soon!