It’s the day before Malhar and if you’re scrambling around trying to remember all the things you should be doing, have no fear. We present to you your very own pre-Malhar to do list!
1.  Finish all chocolates at home because Cardolates are coming soon.13735304_10207834304949711_1277483388_n


2.  Google creative ways to make your Malhar tee look artsy.

3.Rest voice in anticipation for singing out of tune during Am night.13689704_622110287970669_1966112610_n


4. Hydrate. Must have sufficient water levels for post day 3 tears.


5. Learn the official college terminology for ‘shady staircase’ and ‘that place’.


6.  Remind friend in PnD to take “candid” pictures for Facebook and Instagram.

7.  Stock up on necessities: deodorant, makeup, hand-sanitizers, 286 bottles of water, gloves, ID card, mint/ chewing gums, aspirin, charger, granola bars, and endless reserves of patience.
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8. Update playlist for duty-free time.


9.  Sneakily bribe friends from other colleges with Malhar passes.


10. Make up for lame useless gifts with one last meaningful blowout #hohoho