Last night, when I was on another one of my Internet adventures (known in some circles as ‘stalking’…), I came across some Internet gems, namely some strange pictures of OC ETC, Noel.



Noel smells something strange.

Probably the burning smell of our his movie-making event…




Noel is shocked by his own efficiency as OC.



Noel gets paid for wearing a rat’s head in a night club.



Productive though this excursion was, I thankfully stumbled across something even better!!

The LA-Graffix Lounge Sale!

How can something that separates you and your money, be a good thing? (And how can anything be better than Noel’s face?)

This is how –

(LOL, NO.)
We’re literally making you an offer you can’t refuse.



This, this, that, this, those, these- aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah

And much, much more.


If you don’t buy, I will steal.




Here, see FB album. Go crazy.




To give you an idea, Graffix also turned up to entice us in college today. Happy, happy chaos ensued.

Sorry about bad phone camera quality.
Was too busy fangurling.
Mothers have not looked at their children with this much love.


Malvika is shocked at the suggestion to return the samples.
Malvika is shocked at the suggestion to return the samples.
“What do you mean, give them back to you!?”

How this works? It’s simple.

You place orders before Malhar, so that Graffix knows exactly how many to make (and LA knows exactly how many people read the Blog). Best part is that they’re also open to new (movie related) design ideas, for orders!



Then you can pick it up on the days of Malhar from the LA Lounge, LR 25.


The Lounge’s theme is (says Captain Obvious), ‘LOUNGING WITH THE STARS’. And we promise movie clips and posters and trivia and a place to actually chill at Malhar.

Yes. It’s true, this magical haven exists.


Note: Logs volunteers will not be sleeping in the LA Lounge this year. (They will have their own cool sleeping place which we will try not to gatecrash.)

Also, there will be a kickass book sale going on next door. Just saying. BOOK EXHIBITION ’13 YAY! Come for cheap books, interesting conversations with fellow book-lovers and the opportunity to bargain till kingdom come.

If you still don’t feel like buying that stuff, please keep in mind that this man (is one of the organisers who) makes them.

Racist? What are you saying?

If this doesn’t convince you, I don’t know what will.

(Um, two words. Free food.)

See you at the Lounge?