Often, Raga as a department is believed to possess musical talents. Unfortunately for us, that is not true. So when we heard about Entertainment, Theatricals and Contests (ETC, get with the Malhar lingo, already) had an event called LIPS DON’T LIE (much pun, such sass) which was a Lip Sync Event, we had to go check it out.

Here’s a conversation we overheard on the way there: (Please read the reason for the same below.)

*Two random Xavierites in the foyer* (because that is where we eventually end up).

Dude #1: “So listen, err; I need to tell you something.”

Dude #2: “What’s up, wait – was that CIA 2 submission today? YOU TOLD ME IT WAS WEDNESDAY, I TRUSTED YOU, MAN!”

Dude #1: “No, no, stop freaking out. That’s still on Wednesday. This has to do with your bathroom singing. I can’t take it anymore. You suck. Could you please stop rapping Nicki Minaj every time?”

Dude #2 is obviously shocked at being called out about his terrible bathroom singing. It is at this point that we should interrupt and tell them to take it down a notch, but we get our moral bearings and slink away to ETC to get details to frame a post for their event.

“Hallo ETC, how’s it going?”

*No one is in the room; Raga is clearly early for this. We wait, until finally OGs Rati and Joel make their appearance.*

“Hi, hi, sorry, we were just peeking into Conclave’s mock Mr. & Ms. Malhar event drill and they caught us and made us participate.” We snigger at their traumatized faces and then begin to take copious notes when they tell us about their event.

“So both Hindi and English songs can be lip-synced?” We confirm for the hundredth time, just to make sure we have it correct and then depart.

Here are some funnier parts of the interview we took:

We open with this picture of OC Akshay who has clearly forgotten about the modern technology of microphones.

Main toh raste se jaa raha tha, chicken fry khaa raha tha...
Main toh raste se jaa raha tha, chicken fry khaa raha tha…

We seem to think he was practising for the event until it was broken to him that Workforce cannot participate. We do hope to see his lip-syncing prowess during Am Nite though. After all, he did fit the part about keeping the syncing to two minutes and improvising with the song. We think the judges would’ve loved him.

OG ETC Joel didn’t seem to share our interest when OG Alicia randomly started singing while OG Rati lip-synced to give us a demo of how the event worked. We managed to capture his expression.

Can you not?
Can you not?

We’re almost done with the interview and taking down stuff for this post when one of our OGs happens to mention the interaction we heard down in the foyer. OG Angelique immediately wants to go find them and ask them to register and/or attend the event. She berates us for missing an incredible PR opportunity *we’re rolling our eyes by this point* and demands we put it into the post. Hence, the little dialogue above.

They threatened us with water guns; there was little we could do.

But then she does play us some soothing banjo music and all is forgiven.


OG Joshua joins in, and then we all (Raga doesn’t really sing, we lip sync).

Seems like they have a lot of musical talent in this department –

My Ukulele brings all the girls to the yard…and they're like "Do you take requests?"
My Ukulele brings all the girls to the yard…and they’re like “Do you take requests?”

We hope we’ve enlightened you enough on ETC’s trump event Lips Don’t Lie. Imagine they have water guns aimed at you – attend or participate. We wouldn’t mess with them. They take their fun seriously.

*we wanted to fit this picture somewhere, but now we do it without context*

Slow claps, for OG Rati's editing skills please.
Slow claps, for OG Rati’s editing skills please.