What is Piloxing?

Are you flummoxed? Fret not, we were too when we first heard of it.

Then we went ahead and did some research. Contrary to our initial assumptions, it had nothing to pillow fights. Or oxen.

Piloxing is way more hip! A heady mix of Pilates and Boxing set to music and blended in with some dance moves, you can be sure this is equal parts fun and healthy(You know just how hard it is to find those two words in the same sentence). And this Malhar, you can learn all about it.

Workshops Inc. presents, the best thing (their words) their department has this year…

*drum roll*


A Group Fitness Expert and Celebrity Trainer who is going to be conducting ‘The #Melt Series’ featuring Zumba® and Piloxing® at Malhar 2015.

 An internationally recognised Zumba instructor and licensed Piloxing trainer, she’s coming to Xavier’s to knock off all those extra calories you’ve accumulated eating Anna’s Cheese Garlic Toast and those numerous *extra cheese* frankies. Piloxing, whose official mantra is: Sleek, Sexy, Powerful. , is essentially a group fitness training program that has been endorsed by quite a few celebrities- Kirsten Dunst, to name just one. (Our parents would be proud, no name dropping). It combines the core body programmes of Pilates with the jabs and punches of the boxing ring. And yes, in case you were wondering, there’s going to be some Zumba too.

We're pretty Keyed up for this! *get it?*
We’re pretty Keyed up for this! *get it?*

Here are some of the best parts. You don’t have to wear gym clothes. Jeans will do just fine. You don’t have to register in advance either. (We know how much you procrastinate).

Just show up and get your move on!

Every participant will be given a certificate. If that isn’t enough to convince you, then think of it this way- Is there anywhere else you’ll get to learn a fitness workout that involves dance and music, from an internationally acclaimed instructor, along with all your friends, for FREE? That’s your answer, right there.

Want to get fit without all that detoxing and boring exercise? Or you just want to check out this cool event? We ask no questions, just that YOU HAVE TO COME FOR THIS.

We promise, it is nothing like that P.T you were forced to endure in school. Sacchi.

Mark your calendars/organisers/Filofaxes/iWatches.

Write it on your forehead if you need to.

Easy info graphic for you lazy readers out there.
Easy info graphic for you lazy readers out there.

Come join us for a fun work (out/shop).

Venue: First Quad

Date: Monday, 17th August

Time: 11:30 AM.

See you there!

Find her on Social Media:

Facebook: @Sucheta Pal Zumba Education Specialist (https://www.facebook.com /suchetapalZES?fref=ts)

Twitter: @SuchetaPalZumba (https://twitter.com/suchetapalzumba)

Instagram: @SuchetPal (https://instagram.com/suchetapal/)