Dear Rutu,

Is Am Night real rock n’ roll?

Whaddya think? It’s AMATEUR night: do you expect serious cha-cha from these chachas? Interesting fact: It’s been a slow death for rock n’ roll, but the exact moment it lost its pulse? The moment MTV first went on air.


From then on, rock music stopped trying so hard. The audience it tried to cultivate stopped being this:

And became this:

Anyway, I’m running a misinformation gazette an advice column, not a historical journal, so back to Am-Night.

Yes, you can expect to be entertained on Amateur Night. However, only in the strict classic-rock snob sense i.e., the sense I’ll always take it. You can’t expect the real thing anymore. It’s all alt, new wave, nu-punk, pop rock, rap-rock, funky jelly, garage rock, bottom-barrel Cold-Play and so on. We do have one or two Beatles tributes, but by and large, it’s all quite new.

There’s obviously nothing wrong with that, but us hipsters daily find reasons to weep.

Screenshot from 2013-08-12 19:06:20

As for when you can find what: most of the swingy, band-type stuff is relegated to the second-night of Malhar (Am-Night proper, on the 16th) and everything else that we didn’t have time for is reserved for the Malhar finale. This includes some really rousing stuff towards the end, building up to the closing fusion number everyone was waiting for.



Both nights are definitely worth staying back for. If Am-night is pure concert, when the workforce, contingent and guests groove and exhilarate in the very heat of the festival, Night three is the final perfection which captures Malhar in all its Zara Hatke, a bittersweet ending to our momentary union.


*tear trickles*

No, I’m not always that kind of blog person. Sometimes, I too have the feels.

Malhar makes everyone’s emotions run high. Come tomorrow, and see for yourself.