The rain is relentless.
It pours down upon us in a fierce, mad rhythm, and I find myself seeking shelter under the eaves. But what is that sound? A slow, throbbing beat resonates up the stone passage, rising and falling in waves. I glide towards it in a daze, emerging into a sea of activity.

They’re like bees in a honeycomb, working an intricate system; carving order through the chaos. Their sheer numbers overwhelm me. The deep thrumming continues to press upon my ears as I walk into the throng of people, wishing to be one of them. I find myself joining a group in their dance, raising my voice in song with another, crafting and connecting and reinventing the universe as I move.

Finally, I am one of them.

The rain is falling thicker and faster. It coaxes us into frenzy, a surging mass of thoughts, feelings and ideas all fighting for expression. I realise that the pulse is the sound of a thousand hearts beating as one. I am the crowd now. I reside in each heart that beats with the whole.

We are unlike anything else in the world.

I am infinite. I am Zara Hatke. I am Malhar.