World Performing Arts

Email: I made this one yesterday ‘cause old one is embarrassing
Time Constraints: I’ll ask Mumma and get back to you

Past Experience:
1. First prize in building dance competition (American dance)
2. Always initiate Antakshari on the bus

Why You?
I don’t mean to brag but I almost got arrested for arson because I set fire to the dancefloor.


What does WPA stand for?

Wild Peanut Association, for all I care. (Pls take me, though)



Literary Arts

Time Constraints: Can only stay for an hour because I have SPC tuitions

Past Experience:
1. Can speak English, Hindi, P language
2. Won best handwriting competition in fifth standard

Why You?
I thought Malhar was a dating app


What is your favourite book and why?

Shakespeare Book.

Because I like the “Romeo where in Fort are you, Romeo?” part.



(This legitimately used to be the email ID of a certain LA OG)
Time Constraints: I’ll attend the first few meetings but shall later contract a case of chronic flatulence.

Past Experience:
Can pour half glass of coke and convince people it is full
Can make Maggi in one minute fifty five seconds

Why You?
Intercepting Card-o-lates gives me a rush

How good are your serving skills?

I serve up sass on YouTube all the time and I get three likes (One of whom is me).