Today we investigate the workings of Entertainment, Theatricals and Contests. Read on to know more about what ETC does, its purposes in life, its methodology and a SWOT analysis worthy of a B-minus.



Q. Which is your favourite other department and why?

Chaos ensues.
Comps, Marketing and PR emerge as top contenders. ETC concludes that these three departments need to merge for them to arrive at a unanimous decision. OC Noel suggests the idea of MoW i.e. Malhar on Windows, for starters.

Q. What is the best part about working for ETC?

OG Sid (Hood name: S’nath) says he feels cheated because Noel is OC. Noel’s favourite part is that he has the veto. All agree that the best part of being in ETC is laughing at the contestants (for Improv Comedy).

 Q. What is the funniest rumour you’ve heard about ETC?

Noel believes that LA is jealous of ETC (it is really funny and we take a break as we laugh it off), and that a certain Raga OG wants to be in ETC. Isn’t it the other way around?

Rumour has it that coup is being planned behind Noel’s back.
Count us in ETC OGs, count us in.

Q. What is your biggest department achievement?

Noel believes that their biggest achievement is that no one is dead yet.

We concur.

On a serious note, their gaming event shows great promise. They are all very proud of UPP which has received the most positive contingent review. ETC has also acquired a department pet, The Plug, which was originally christened ‘Swimmy’ by OG Cara.  

Swimmy, the Plug

 Q. Which is your biggest department goof-up?

The biggest goof up in ETC was when one of the OGs called up a movie star and forgot her name, forcing the star to hang up.

Q. Tell us a myth about ETC and why it isn’t true? 

OG Rhea believes that they are perceived as a random department. Noel thinks the phrase is “deworming” a myth and starts talking about…other things.

I think the question was about MYTHS.
Unrelated Trivia: ETC’s agenda involves convincing the gullible and naive OG Pranita to believe 20 lies. So far she believes that Mr. and Mrs. Malhar is a WPA event and that she missed her photo-shoot. One of our writers also managed to convince OG Pranita that a PnD volunteer was going to come back to Xavier’s as a teacher next year.

So like halfway through this, we got bore distracted, and didn’t write anything else. But we do LAve ETC, so we decided to tell you all…

“How ETC Also Can Be Useful in Malhar”

1. Entertainment, Entertainment, Entertainment

OG Pranita was successfully convinced that this was how she looked on Traditional Day


2. ETC can be used to fill up press conferences when the press doesn’t turn up.

Photos of the Real Press Con couldn’t be used as the Press DID turn up. Really! See here,


3. BMM people ETC OGs can be photo-shopped/stalked on FB for comic relief (See  #1). Yes, this is our barbed way of saying that they’re good looking.

Sucha pwetty!
Sucha pwetty!


 4. IDBS (‘I Didn’t Bond, Still’)

(FA) OG Sumer makes a friend at IDBS.
(FA) OG Sumer makes a friend at IDBS.


5. To get your Groove on

Even ETC couldn’t get this random. Or could it? Stop and ask Noel the next time you see him ;)


6. Make Marketing Happy

At least now we know why ETC has the best prizes.
At least now we know why ETC has the best prizes.

Since they pull in such large crowds, no?


6. Contingent?

6. PRNC?

6. OTSE429357_507616532582458_1267158448_n


8. They can’t be used for Marketing because we can’t sell them. But Eco Circle member Raadhika says that if you price something that was initially free, people might assign higher (perceived) value to it and be tempted to buy it.

This was the first result that came up when we googled ‘Some Economic Nonsense’.

 [This is not true; most fillers contests are for sponsors and Mr. and Ms. Malhar and UPP receive some of the highest participation (which just goes to show how many people are lukkha during Malhar)]


9. We realized that any combination of ETC and Conclave could be used to create:

a)      A creative, mad genius


b)     A Schizophrenic patient


c)      a + b = Joker

We’re okay with anything Joker-related.


10. At the end of sentences while faffing during CIAs (something we’ve mastered greatly over the last few semesters).



11. We use them for blog material when we have no other ideas.

Rohan UGS
Even ETC judges us…