There’s nothing better than waking up in the morning, realizing you have a text from your Vice-Principal, having a minor heart attack, formulating 7 excuses for a crime you’re not sure you haven’t committed, then reading the text message and coming to the realization that Gods, for once, have answered your 3 am prayers and exams have been cancelled.


We were this close to almost studying in the free time given to us. Were.

We didn’t.

So let us intrude in this time of great reckoning of the CIAs and tell you all about –

;P ;P ;P

Yup, you got it right.

Haaave You Met……Workshops Incorporated (otherwise known as W.Inc. otherwise known as the Department of Really, Really Attractive People Who Work Hard too)?






Q. Which is your favourite other department and why?

Logs – they help move stuff around on time.

OC Naveen, looking flabbergasted at this sudden popularity


Q. What is the best part about working for W.Inc?

Being in the galleries is the best thing about W. Inc. They have a pedestal fan (Shahrukh) who ‘just blows them away’. Also, glitter is the glue that holds W. Inc together.


Q. What is your biggest department goof-up?

Last year, the person who was supposed to conduct an architecture photography workshop cancelled suddenly. W. Inc made frantic calls and got a fashion photographer to fill in, who talked about models for two hours. The participants had to photograph buildings after the workshop.

Always professional, W. Inc answered all complaints saying, “It’s all the same thing.” Good going, yaar.

There was a participant who told Naomi he had to leave because his mom was in hospital. Breaking protocol, she allowed his contingent to send in a replacement participant. Walking into a workshop in the next room after a while, she found him sitting in the front row. He laughed and told her, “I lied.” How slaps were stopped from being given, we don’t know.

Another very awkward but very funny incident occurred when a participant threw up at a food workshop. LOL. Ahem.


Q. Which is your biggest department achievement?

W. Inc is infinitely proud of their Yard Sale. We agree. We’ve already called dibs on cool things at the Junk Sale and we strongly suggest that you do too.


They say they are happy to “sell people’s junk”. They also love the fact that they got 1500 people to dance together at the Shuffle Workshop last year, and they hope to replicate this feat by organizing a dance workshop in the first quad this year during Malhar.


Q. Tell us a myth about W.Inc. and why it isn’t true?

It is a myth that W. Inc has no boys. Yes, all their OGs are female as of now, but they’ve had males in the past. The boys prefer to work silently.

Sure they do. (Y)

 IMG_20130620_150958W.Inc also told us about their special “Wall of Shame” poster stuck to a cupboard in the galleries where they write down everything that is…um, interesting.

But we didn’t want to leave W.Inc yet!

So here’s an exclusive preview of what’s in store for you this Malhar at Workshops Incorporated –



One fest. Four hatke crafts: Pottery, Mosaic, Paper Marbling and Brushless Painting.

And you get the Mumbai City’s Finest at this all day Craft Bazaar –

Pottery by Rashi Jain

Rashi Jain
We don’t have space for all the cool thingamajigs she does, click here to see? –

Mosaic By Devanshi Damini

She’s also a textile designer, and an art teacher who’s worked with people from ages 6 to 60. So give it a try, you can’t possibly have less dexterity than a six year old…

Plus, she loves experimenting with various kinds of mediums, which is always a bonus with the blog writers, since we also…like experimenting with media. (Everything from Suits to Qubool Hain, is sampled by us.)

Devanshi Damini
Dekho, toh jaano


Paper Marbling by Nimita Suru


I’m sure it’s easier than it seems. Not :/


Brushless Painting by Rajashree Nedungadi

Rajashree Nedungadi

Brushless painting especially caught our attention (Totally not because we can never paint within the lines. That stuff is HARD, OK!).

ANYWAY, turns out Rajashree Nedungadi has conducted over 200 art courses in the past 15 years.

Hey! Even I’ve…uhh, writen a blog. With spelling mistakes in it.
Ahem, so she’s been published in Cooking and More by Tarla Dalal, and then wrote her own book! Pichwai Paintings – Heritage of Rajasthan was authored by her.

Now we feel insignificant. Maybe her workshop will give us some talent?