We live in a world in which we are defined by boundaries and borders and compartments. Where you are a summation of your gender, age, nationality, religion. And in this kind of a world, finding a common platform to voice unified thought is near impossible. Malhar 2016 has been this platform, a unique concoction of thousand different ideas and dreams and idiosyncrasies.

Malhar is a fest where there is an implicit understanding between departments and people, where we forget boundaries and know we are all working towards making it a success. Regardless of our position in the fest, we’ve all shared the feeling of horror as we watched our GPAs plummet. We’ve felt the stress of the time crunch this year and the irritation of getting into a petty argument with another department. But we’ve also all shared the delight of watching the event we worked on for four months coming to life before our eyes; Of strangers leaving smudged fingerprints over our hearts by helping us out in a moment of despair; Of departments becoming families and making indelible friendships that we already know will withstand the sands of time, against all odds. 

We worked to make this blog a relic to Malhar, embedded in a tiny corner of the blogosphere. An ode to all the friendships, laughter and chaos we bore witness to this year. We hope we gave you a taste of the unique spirit of this festival, we hope made you smile and we hope that years later, this piece of writing will leave you with a whirlpool of memories and a tiny ache of nostalgia.

Signing off,
Literary Arts, 2016