Behind the scenes, broken heels are hastily glued on, loose seams are tacked together with safety pins, and hair is ruffled meticulously in pursuit of that elusive bed-head look. Centre stage, a tall, slender and lightly tanned celebrity saunters towards a makeshift judge panel.

The crowd around her tweets madly: Who is she wearing? Has she changed her outfit since the last show? When will she wear her own H&M collection? Who gave her those mile-high vintage Prada shoes!

chess-slinkingAn elegant cat is hunched sinuously against the antique, Gothic arches. A distressed Security volunteer shimmies unassumingly as Chess sneakily claws out the a half eaten Snickers bar lying in his Levis’ back-pocket. He is interrupted only briefly when the volunteer fails to thwart a gang of boys gallivanting towards the lineup of models. Nonetheless, it is a stupendous sight in a locale where the male to female ratio is a 1:100.

A mockingly rueful Chess gazes at the great heavens and exclaims: “There is a stark difference between style, fashion and plain flamboyance. If fashion is for everyone, is it fashion?”

Well, Chess, that’s a tough one. Is fashion an induced epidemic? Fashions fade; style is eternal. We learn from the best.

Tenu kala chashma jachda hai.
Tenu kala chashma jachda.

After all, nothing screams oomph like a pair of dark glasses after sundown. For a statement look, slip on a black ganji under that haute couture jacket crafted out of Dadi’s upholstery.

Ties and tarp. Much Original
Ties and tarp. Much Original.

Take your fashion funda a notch higher with this risqué Weatherman-entangled-in-Green-Screen a.k.a. WEGS look. Draping it right to restrict body movement and flatter your shape may be a little tricky and is best left to the experts. That being said, you can’t go wrong with a near undone red necktie to bring the lurid green getup together.

But sometimes style can be very personal, not defined by the clothes we wear, the accessories we don, the vintage shoes we own. It’s defined by, well, just a lot of…swag?

The phases of my personality wax and wane  like the moon. #ChandamamaSwag
The phases of my personality wax and wane like the moon. #ChandamamaSwag

For example, hot headgear is all the rage this Malhar:

Feathered Black Halo, model's own. Model: OC Security
Feathered Black Halo (model’s own).
Model: OC Security Nidhi

Bring out the fallen angel sass with the feathered black halo. All you need is a bit of DIY with a dead black ferret and chicken wire, and Voila! You’re good to go.

Vintage Gladiator Headgear, model's own. Model: OG W.Inc Aarohi
Vintage Gladiator Headgear (model’s own).
Model: OG W.Inc Aarohi

Channel that gladiator glam with this vintage headgear crafted carefully from an old lavatory brush. Pair it with those well-worn gladiator sandals from the nearest museum for a timeless look.

Black and White Panda Hat; model's own.  Model: CP Management Tanya
Black and White Panda Hat (model’s own).
Model: CP Management Tanya

Faux furs are in this Malhar. Make a statement in black and white with this Panda hat sure to make heads turn. Deemed a wise fashion investment, pairing this pièce de résistance with the right ensemble will make you stand out from the crowd, especially when you don’t want to.

Or simply…strike a pose.

OC Raga Alaric struts his stuff at the 2009 Mr. Universe Jr. Pageant.
OC Raga Alaric struts his stuff at the 2009 Mr. Universe Jr. Pageant.

Can’t you hear that glamorous, one-crore-an-episode voice calling to you?

“Let the runway run down all your inhibitions! Dare to be different  and embrace your style at this year’s Regal Rendezvous, Fine Arts’ Fashion Show Event! Let the designer within you materialise.”

Point being, sign up, yaar!

If our own college hotties weren’t incentive enough – there’ll be models, designers, celebs *gasp* and maybe you even could nick a pair of stilettos?