1. Write the full name, designation, and department of the (lucky?) boy/gal/nonbinary pal who will receive your card and chocolate, otherwise known as cardolate. Write it clearly, or else you’ll suffer the wrath of Hospi- no one will ever get a cardolate you send them, and your name will be Cheapy McCheapface for the rest of your college life.

 photo Benny chut_zpsqf4y7ryn.jpeg

This is Anushka (an ideal example), you say isn’t that Benny? So yeah, remember to write their full so as to not trouble a poor Hospi volunteer.

2. Ballpoint pens, ink pens, fountain pens, and quills dipped in blood all have a nasty way of smudging and bleeding all over the place. Use a black marker, unless you intend on sending an indecipherable blob, or a creative, visual representation of the hot mess you are.

3. Send your cardolates to whoever you want to send them to, without not-so-subtly dropping hints.

4. Writing a cardolate is serious business: plan ahead, so you don’t end up crossing out half of it. There is no margin for error in a cardolate, because there is no margin at all.

5. Whether the contents of the cardolate are solemnly sarcastic, lowkey-insulting, or heartfelt mush is up to you. If your intended doesn’t like it, oh well- at least they’re getting chocolate out of this.


1. Don’t buy too many cardolates. You’re the reason nobody got their two free cardolates with the purchase of ten last year. We’re all still mad at you.

2. Don’t buy too few cardolates. Seriously. If you fall short, and someone doesn’t get their cardolate, it will be the end of life as you know it.

3. Don’t start your cardolate with “hey *insert name here*” like some kind of lame normie. You’re not drab and basic, you’re fab and… manic?

4. Don’t wait till the last gosh darn minute to write your card-o-lates, or they will smell like carelessness and regret.

 photo Sax_zpsjl7jyohy.jpeg

This is Saxena. She gave her OGs card-o-lates in January. Don’t be like Saxena.

5. Definitely don’t send an adorable, anonymous cardolate to your Malhar crush and completely confuse them for the rest of their life. Just don’t. It’s cruel.

Now that you have noted all of this, head over to LR 36 and buy card-o-lates ASAP.