(Warning: Several Big Bang Theory Gifs coming your way. None of them are Penny.)

The OLA cab stops, the people pile out of it, holding several stacks of Comic books, graphic novels and the thing that will make the Workforce extremely jealous.

The books for Raga’sComic Con- A Comical Turn of Events have finally arrived and we grin at the thought of lugging around so many comic books and at getting our hands on some really cool copies.

LRs 20 A and B are currently being prepped as the new and improved BatCave.

Just kidding. Sort of.

50% off the print price of every comic book and graphic novel being sold; the books being sold at Comic Con are the ones you probably need to complete that collection of yours. So get your monay and hightail it to the classrooms before the issue you need is sold out.

One of Raga’s two main attractions this year (along with their Stall, which we will talk about soon), the Comic Con comics are being brought and sold by Aalok Joshi, who is an avid collector with over 8,000 comics and will be selling a part of his collection at the Comic Con over the three days.

*the look on every Comic Books lover’s face*

Loads of MARVELous comics, and no, we aren’t trying to DCeive you.

We promise you won’t have to choose sides; there are enough books to satisfy the comic book geek within you.

Just a war to pick the best comic book quicker than the rest.
Just a war to pick the best comic book quicker than the rest.

From Archies to Tinkles, from Batman issues to Superman ones, we have everything you need including graphic novels to tickle your fantasy, breathe horror into your mundane lives, give you reality checks and simply entertain you so that you will have a plethora of choices before you to spend all that internship paisa on.

Make your way up to LR 20 A and LR 20 B fairly quickly, lest you find this:

If you forget to make a trip there during all the three days of Malhar, and then feel extremely upset about missing the opportunity to buy, remember this will be your bleak future:

Raga also has a stall this year, and of course it is comic themed. With games that you can win hand-made prizes in, there is also the chance to get your face painted by our volunteers for a nominal fee. You can sport the Superhero logos on your cheek and wear it with pride the whole day!

We won’t tell anyone, pinky promise.

From fun games at the stall, to face paintings happening too, along with a stellar Comic Con, Raga is going places this year (that is because they are on opposite sides of the college).

Come, get your faces painted, play some games and go home with some amazing finds at the Raga Comic Con. We won’t disappoint, you’ll love it.

Oh, and pick up a Raga too, they’re free. And full of our love. More importantly, they’re FREE.

See you at the stall and at 20 A & B! Have a great Malhar!