Our trademark helpful How To for the unique Malhar experience of writing a cardolate for the first time.

Step 1: You say we need to talk  Buy a cardolate from Hospi (LR 36) for 10 rupees each; get 2 free on every 10th purchase.

Step 2: Write the full name and department of the unfortunate soul at the receiving end of your angst over spending the ten rupees that you would’ve otherwise used to run a successful startup.

Step 3: Head to the library and hone your understanding of social psychology in order to determine the nature and tone of the cardolate you wish to write. For further inspiration, check out http://blog.malharfest.org/ten-types-of-cardolates-we-all-send/

Step 4: Brighten up your intended’s day with some delightful illustrations that truly describe what they mean to you. Here is one highlighting the best qualities of Richard, who is a stand-up guy and a hard worker, but short.

Step 5: Return the filled cardolate to Hospi (for free!), and wait to find out if the recipient remembered to send you one. Accordingly have a celebratory or wallow-y chocolate.

We wish you great returns in this honest endeavour!