The life of a Blog OG isn’t really fun,
When your work’s only half done.
Threats hang over my bowed head,
Bad writing could leave me for dead.

For my master I do slave and slog,
Who’d think my owner was Puddles D’Frog?


“You’ll make a blog that’s cool and all the rage,
With all the wisdom of a gossipy sage.
I’ll look to like if looking like shall move
But if of your blog I don’t approve,

To Trinity shall you be sent for spanking,
And so you’d best not be found lacking.”


“I can’t do this, Puddles,” I cried, shaking my head
I expected a rap, but he smiled instead!

“Let’s look at your predecessors to inspire
And their methods we shall so hire.
If even after that you fail to deliver,
You won’t get your ECC hours ever.”

“The Malhar Blog last year was catapulted to fame
For there was Trisha at the top of her game.”
To boundless wit, the Malhar Blog played host…..”


“Tsk, tsk,” cut in Puddles who had had enough.
“Is the solution to this so very tough?
Follow Trisha’s lead and make her do it all!
End your pathetic attempts and give her a call!”

I looked at Puddles with brimming eyes
To tell him sad sooth with many sighs.
“It was fun while it lasted, kya cheez thi jhakaas,
But despite all Gandalf said, Trisha had to pass;

Like all good things, Malhar came to an end
A fresh LA team for itself had to fend.
RAGAmuffins lay snooping as others began to slog
A new year saw them struggling to keep their paws off the blog.

LA was told to stick to their stand
Why should they comply to unreasonable demands?
We realise it’s a Renaissance and change is nigh
But giving the blog to Raga – bro, are you high?

What next; Conclave? And then ETC?
You can’t let your life’s work run free!
Keep the blog; leave not your prize to neglect;
A birdy told me it’s written by an LA reject!”

But LAve for their child was never close to enough
Raga’s had their way, no matter how tough.
he blog was relinquished, LA’s eyes with tears swelled,
But true to selflessness, they threw in an OG as well.


It was all made official; a contract was signed
Sealed with a handshake only PyaaR could bind.


A heartbreaking transaction, a possession ensnared
We got some serious chills when LA at us stared;

LA Death Stare

“So there’s true shrift,”  I told Monsieur le Frog.
“But I have no ideas for this year’s blog!”
“That’s easy,” said Mr. Webbed Fingers.
“Write about me – and all those CP figures!

I’ll help you out; I’m made of PyaaR,
It’s just about time to trust Raga, yaar!”


So inspired by deadlines, we shall make it run,
Trust Raga – this year, the Blog will be fun!

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