6:30 AM – Supposed to turn up at venue. Still asleep.


7:15AM– Arrive (delirious), knotting yards of fabric i.e. oversized t-shirt.

8:00 AM– Too coffee deprived to comprehend life around us.

8:30AM– Reg. begins, temper as short as the abbreviation.

9:30AM– Reg. desk more crowded than event venue.

10:15AM– Event begins. At last…


11:07AM– Round of walkie babble, ‘Shut Desk’.

11:32AM– Participants- diligent; workforce- whiny.

12:45PM– Kaam Khatam, Khana Shuru.

1:26PM– Sneak into Illume. Get into groove. Get kicked out.


2:00PM– Next shift begins. Rinse and repeat.

5:00PM– Watch ends. Chillin’ begins.

6:00PM– OC/OG motivational speech (Ulterior motive: Come Back Tomorrow Pls)

6:30PM– Supposed to leave venue. Don’t want to.

7:15PM– Depart (delirious). Oversized t-shirt soaked in sweat.