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On this platform, we present to you the various things that make this fest what it is. From making sense of almost unintelligible Malhar jargon, to understanding where you belong (department wise), we’ve got you covered if you want to understand the very essence of what this fest is all about: fun, creativity and expression.

So do a fun quiz and find out your true Secret Santa destiny. Watch a video and learn how (not to) join the workforce. And there’s so much more to explore, so feel free to click away!


  • Nafeesa Vasi
  • Shloka Mehta
  • Chinmay Marketkar


  • Apoorv Somanchi
  • Gatee Gala
  • Maria Eddissary
  • Rachel Chittilapilly
  • Srishti Saxena


  • Hindol Hazra