11 Things You Forgot About Being a Xavierite

It’s almost that time of the year again – new notebooks, shiny pens and fresh stationery. Parents love this season but us kids, we dread leaving our beloved couches and getting back to college. Are the ‘back to college’ blues getting you down? *we have a gif for that*


1. Trying not to doze off during an 8am lecture.


2. Complaining about attendance.


3. Struggling with ECC and SIP.


4. Roaming around the foyer high-fiving your friends for the entire 50-minute break.


5. Climbing up to the forties.


6. Getting annoyed at the human traffic on the Hogwarts staircase.


7. Searching for network and eventually figuring out which are the spots with internet connection in college.


8. Wondering what goes on in the hostel building and being jealous of the hostel kids as they don’t have to travel to get to class.


9. Spending more time deciding what to buy from the foyer than the time taken to eat the said food.


10. Greeting the watchman everyday so that if you forget your ID someday he lets you in anyway.


11. The feeling when you hear, “Xavier’s, you gave me roots and wings”.