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Which Workforce Category Do You Belong To?

Who’s Who’s: College Edition

Better (cardo)Late Than Never

Our trademark helpful How To for the unique Malhar experience of writing a cardolate for the first time. Step 1: You say we need to talk  Buy a cardolate from Hospi (LR 36) for 10 rupees each; get 2 free… Continue Reading →

Who is Your Quartet Crush?

Uptown Junk

What better way to score (W.Inc, W.Inc) than to donate to charity? For some people, Malhar is all about the victory; there is very little that adds moral weight to winning Malhar than being part of a social cause which… Continue Reading →

Types of OGs

OGs, as you must know by now, are the people that manage the sub-departments of a department. They are the intermediaries between the volunteers and the “higher management” of Malhar, with each one of them possessing their own distinct brand… Continue Reading →

What Events Department Is Suitable For You?

Which Management Department Are You Suitable For?

The Many Ws of GD-ing

Never given a GD before? Afraid your resting rhymes-with-pitch face might give off the wrong impression? Great at writing, but all tongues when it comes to talking? Shy? Fear not, these stellar tips shall transform you into an awesome, confident… Continue Reading →


It seems to be that time of year again. Rain clouds approach our great city, pushed towards us by the monsoon winds, the skies darken and flash with lightning and rumble with thunder; the pace in Xavier’s picks up, clusters… Continue Reading →

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